Project Background

The Eastside is outgrowing the grid. It's time for an upgrade

PSE is responsible for providing safe and reliable power to customers. We take this responsibility very seriously.

The Eastside is outgrowing the backbone of the area's electric grid, which had its last major upgrade in the 1960s. Since then, the Eastside's population has grown eight-fold and our economy relies on power in ways it did not 50 years ago. Our customers have also learned to conserve energy and be increasingly more energy efficient. But it's not enough.

Multiple independent studies have made it clear that we need to upgrade the Eastside's electric infrastructure now to accommodate local population and economic growth and avoid planning for power outages in the very near future.

Energize Eastside will continue aggressive conservation efforts, build a new substation, and upgrade existing transmission lines between Redmond and Renton to keep Eastside lights on and foster economic development for years to come.

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