Our final route

After nearly four years of study and extensive dialogue with Eastside communities, PSE has selected the existing corridor "Willow 1" route as the final route to permit for the Energize Eastside project.

PSE evaluated multiple route options and selected the existing corridor because it is the least impactful route to Eastside communities.

PSE will soon begin submitting permit applications for the southern portion of the project. PSE's plan is to build and energize the new Richards Creek substation in Bellevue and upgrade the transmission lines in south Bellevue, Newcastle, and Renton by summer 2018. We anticipate submitting permits for the northern portion in Redmond and Bellevue later this year. 

We appreciate the community's input and ongoing interest in the project. During permitting and as we prepare for construction, we'll continue to reach out to property owners and keep the community updated on our progress.

PSE will replace the poles in the existing corridor

Our plan is to upgrade the existing four wooden poles to one or two steel poles, which allows us to have fewer poles within the existing corridor. PSE is committed to keeping pole heights as low as possible. New poles will typically be in the same or similar location as the existing poles. The existing poles typically range 55 feet to 65 feet in height. To optimize operations and improve safety, we will operate both lines at 230 kilovolts (kV) within the existing transmission line corridor.

Through the years, we've heard residents express concerns about pipeline safety, tree impacts, views and pole heights. We've continued to evaluate engineering options and we were recently able to make changes to lower pole heights within the existing corridor. This route also removes the fewest number of trees. The combination of safety and fewer tree impacts makes the existing corridor the reasonable choice.